FSU gets it right (uniforms that is, not logo)

by Travis Normand

Read:  FSU puts rush order on fixing uniforms, helmets.  by Ben Jones and Ira Schoffel of Warchant.com.  Sept. 8, 2014.

Apparently, Seminole fans were not happy with the new uniforms that FSU wore on August 30 during their season opener against Oklahoma State.  While negative fan reaction to a change in “tradition” is nothing new, what is refreshing is that the administration at FSU is apparently working to get things fixed.

Less than one week after Florida State’s new football uniforms debuted with a thud in the Seminoles’ season opener at Dallas, the university’s athletics department announced on Friday that it was taking the redesign back to the drawing board.

“Saturday night at AT&T Stadium was the first opportunity we had to see the color of our helmets and facemasks under stadium and broadcast television lights,” FSU stated in a press release. “The shades of both the Garnet facemasks and the Gold of our football helmets did not accurately represent those of our tradition-rich past.”

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The sad thing about this story is that this is actual news.  In my experience, when a change in tradition gets rejected by a fan base, the school making the change spends more time trying to convince the fan base that they need to accept the change as inevitable (as opposed to correcting it).  So, the fact that FSU is willing to start over with their uniform design, in order to get it right, is very refreshing.

On the other hand, before I give FSU too much credit, I should point out that they have yet to correct their new logo amidst plenty of negative fan reaction.  While they seem to be handling the uniform correctly, they are apparently sticking with the new logo despite the fan base’s lack of approval.

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2012 Notre Dame “Shamrock Series” TECHFIT Uniform by Adidas (is awful!)

by Travis Normand

Its official, Notre Dame has the worst new uniforms of the 2012 season.  I mean, these uniforms are uglier than what the Maryland Terrapin coughed up in 2011.

I won’t even try to hide the fact that I am a traditionalist and that I really like Notre Dame’s regular uniform.  However, even if I wasn’t, these new Notre Dame uniforms make the Oregon Ducks look like the school with the conservative uniform option.

Thank God this “look” is only for one game (the October match-up versus Miami).

Maryland learns lesson in fashion

by Travis Normand

It was around this same time a year ago that the Maryland football program unveiled its new uniforms for the 2011 season.  The new design was met with an array of opinions and comments, including one titled “Maryland’s Uniforms Are Ugliest in College Football, Hands Down.” [LarryBrownSports.com]

So, how would Maryland respond to the criticism of its new uniform design?  Well, without totally abandoning the overall concept of the 2011 design, the Terps have a new 2012 uniform that is not quite as obnoxious as its 2011 counterpart.

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Notre Dame’s Game Ball for Dublin

by Travis Normand

As you are probably aware by now, Notre Dame will play it’s first game of the 2012 season on September 1 against Navy in Dublin Ireland.  Earlier today (August 6, 2012) a member of the Notre Dame football equipment staff tweeted this message and photo:


“Here is our game ball for Ireland … just arrived!

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SEC confuses Texas A&M with Mississippi State

by Travis Normand

Last week I hinted at the fact that Mississippi State’s new football uniform looked an awful lot like Texas A&M’s new uniform (both made by Adidas).

Mississippi State’s Athletics Director Scott Stricklin went on twitter to reassure everyone that despite the similarities of the uniforms, no one would have any trouble telling the two schools apart.

From @stricklinMSU (Scott Stricklin) – 26 July 2012

But I promise, no one will have trouble telling us apart at #DavisWade on Nov. 3.  #SnowBowl12

Stricklin apparently spoke too soon, as someone at SECStore.com has already confused the two.  The online retailer has already fixed the problem, but was recently selling the Texas A&M Coaches Sideline Performance Hat with an A&M logo on the front and the phrase “Bulldogs Football” on the back.

The hat’s description read as follows [emphasis added]:

Do it in official Aggies style with the 2012 Coaches Sideline flex hat from Adidas. Featuring an embroidered school wordmark on the crown, embroidered “Bulldogs Football” lettering at the back and ClimaLITE fabric that conducts heat and sweat away from the body to keep you comfortable on warm game days, this cap will ensure that you’re dry and cool while you strategize about TAMU’s next move.

[H/T: Barrett Sallee, SEC Lead Blogger at BleacherReport.com]