Texas A&M’s Sugar Bowl Trophy

This information was originally hosted on a blog at titled “Campusology.” That blog has apparently been taken down and so I have started reposting the information here.

I got the idea for this project when I was working at Texas A&M University. I was bothered by the fact that: (1) very few people seemed to care about the football trophies (and other historical items) that the Aggie football program had been awarded over the years; and (2) unlike many of our competitors, very few people were interested in displaying any of the program’s football trophies.

I not only found this mentality to be very bizarre, but I was also disturbed by the fact that many trophies had been lost, broken, misplaced, etc. For this reason, I decided to keep a list of all the items that I felt were important, and I began collecting and posting photos of them online so that there would always be a record of them (and a way to view them).

I apologize as this is not the best online display (and it is not complete). However, it is hopefully better than nothing.

[Note: The following items are obviously not in my possession. I have taken a lot of these photos myself as there was no other available photo; but I have also used photos that were found online (as some of those are of better quality). Some of the more “rare” items were photographed by the collectors who own them, and sent to me for publication on this site. I cannot speak as to the current location of any of these trophies and/or items, and can only tell you where I last saw them. I It is my impression that there is a high degree of likelihood that the items posted here are no longer able to be found.]

Texas Aggie Football (History Links):

History of Texas A&M Football at; entry for Texas A&M football;

Database of Texas A&M Yearbooks (

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Bowl Trophies:

  • 1922 Dixie Classic (W.) – No known trophy (Missing?)
  • 1940 Sugar Bowl (W.)
  • 1941 Cotton Bowl (W.)
  • 1942 Cotton Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1944 Orange Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1950 Presidential Cup (W.)
  • 1957 Gator Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1968 Cotton Bowl (W.)
  • 1975 Liberty Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1977 Sun Bowl (W.) – No known trophy (Missing?)
  • 1977 Bluebonnet Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1978 Hall of Fame Bowl (W.)
  • 1981 Independence Bowl (W.)
  • 1986 Cotton Bowl (W.)
  • 1987 Cotton Bowl (L.)
  • 1988 Cotton Bowl (W.)
  • 1989 John Hancock Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1990 Holiday Bowl (W.)
  • 1992 Cotton Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1993 Cotton Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1994 Cotton Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1995 Alamo Bowl (W.)
  • 1998 Cotton Bowl (L.) – No known trophy
  • 1999 Sugar Bowl (L.)
  • 1999 Alamo Bowl (L.)
  • 2000 Independence Bowl (L.)
  • 2001 Bowl (W.)
  • 2005 Cotton Bowl (L.)
  • 2006 Holiday Bowl (L.) – No trophy awarded (confirmed with Holiday Bowl)
  • 2007 Alamo Bowl (L.)
  • 2009 Independence Bowl (L.)
  • 2011 Cotton Bowl (L.)
  • 2011 Meineke Car Care Bowl (W.)
  • 2013 Cotton Bowl (W.)
  • 2013 Chick-fil-A Bowl (W.)
  • 2014 Liberty Bowl (W.)
  • 2015 Music City Bowl (L.) – Confirmed with bowl officials that “participant” trophy was awarded.
  • 2016 Texas Bowl (L)
  • 2017 Belk Bowl (L)
  • 2018 Gator Bowl (W.)
  • 2019 Texas Bowl (W.)
  • 2021 Orange Bowl (W.)

Conference Championship Trophies:

Individual Game Trophies:

  • 1992 Pigskin Classic
  • 2014 Southwest Classic
  • The Southwest Classic (A&M vs. Arkansas: 2009 – 2022) – A&M won this game in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021; and was awarded the trophy in those years.


  • 1957 Heisman Trophy (John David Crow)
  • 1965 Aggie Heart Award
  • 1998 Lombardi Award (Dat Nguyen) 
  • 2008 Bobby Bowden FCA Athlete of the Year Award (Stephen McGee)
  • 2010 Butkus Award (Von Miller)
  • 2011 Lou Groza Award (Randy Bullock)
  • 2012 Heisman Trophy (Johnny Manziel)
  • 2012 Davey O’Brien Award (Johnny Manziel)
  • 2012 Manning Award (Johnny Manziel)
  • 2012 Outland Trophy (Luke Joeckel)
  • 2013 Bobby Bowden FCA Athlete of the Year Award (Jake Matthews)
  • 2016 Wuerffel Trophy (Trevor Knight)
  • 2018 Ray Guy Award (Braden Mann)




Football Rings:

National Championships:

  • 1919 – No known trophy
  • 1927 – No known trophy
  • 1939 – No known trophy
  • Note: the Aggies do have their 1939 Sugar Bowl trophy which should serve as their de-facto national championship trophy, as I do not believe the AP gave a trophy to the winner of its poll in 1939. The Aggies are also in possession of a full-sized replica Coaches’ Trophy that says it is for the 1939 National Championship; which makes very little sense due to the fact that the UPI and/or Coaches’ Poll did not exist in 1939. Further, according to this article (found here) the only team to apply for a retroactive title from the AFCA was Oklahoma State.

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