Baylor’s New Gold Helmets

by Travis Normand

Baylor has always had to find ways to make itself stand-out.  I am pretty sure these helmets will do the trick.

Living in the shadow of schools like the University of Texas and Texas A&M cannot be much fun.  However, maybe these new gold helmets will garner Baylor a few extra minutes of fame before the 2013 season actually gets started.


4 thoughts on “Baylor’s New Gold Helmets

  1. Neat. I will say an improvement over the old helmets. I don’t mind changes to uniforms, as long at they don’t start trying to outdo the Ducks or the Terps.

    • Yeah, the Ducks are the only team that has ever done the multi-uniform thing well. Everyone else seems to fall flat. At this point, new uniforms seem like part of Oregon’s identity.

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