USC Gets New Shoes

by Travis Normand

According to USC QB Matt Barkley [@MattBarkley], the Trojan’s have some new Nike football cleats for the 2012 season (as always).

Have a look:

2012 USC Trojan's Cleats

13 thoughts on “USC Gets New Shoes

    • Well, I can’t really comment as I didnt see the game and don’t watch a lot of NFL football. While I don’t have an opinion on the refs, I did see the replay of the TD/Interception call this morning. It appears to be an interception by Green Bay to me. Did they review the call? Or did they just call it as they saw it, and that was it?

  1. Now look at the mess in the aftermath of it all . Goodell and the NFL are still defiantly standing behind these D2 and D3 caliber College Football experienced officials. Last night’s referee was only officiating his fifteenth game of any kind beyond that of a college or high school football game. Goodell cannot be serious with the league’s official stance .

    If this fiasco carries on beyond week 5 then someone has to take the blame for all of this , rather than the commissioner trying to apportion the blame on the referees and their union (NFLRA) . It is not the union that is to blame here , but the league hierarchy . itself .

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