Playoff Pundit: Auburn wins first playoff game!

CFBP - 86Kby Travis Normand

With Auburn ranked No. 3 and Ole Miss No. 4 in the first playoff poll, their game tonight was the first head-to-head match-up between two playoff bound teams.  In other words, their game was essentially a playoff game, as I can only imagine that the winner would still be considered for one of the four playoff spots (the loser would have two losses, as both teams already had one loss entering the game).

Auburn ended up defeating Ole Miss, 35-31.  It was a close game, so it will be interesting to see what the playoff committee does with Ole Miss in terms of how far down the rankings they move them.  On the other hand, No. 2 Florida State struggled Thursday night against No. 25 Louisville and No. 1 Mississippi State struggled against Arkansas, so it will be interesting to see if the top three get shuffled.

Finally, No. 5 Oregon won their game against Stanford, 45-16.  With No. 6 Alabama having a bye-week and No. 7 TCU winning 31-30 over No. 20 West Virginia, I can only imagine that Oregon will assume No. 4 playoff spot/rank.

Roll Tide, War Eagle [Short Film]

by Travis Normand

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There are many great rivalries in sports: Yankees-Red Sox, Michigan-Ohio State, North Carolina-Duke. But they don’t compare to the venomous and consuming in-state college football rivalry that is Alabama-Auburn. With no pro sports, the state of Alabama centers around one game in the year: The annual meeting between the two universities called the “Iron Bowl.” And you could not script what has transpired in the state in the past two years.

On the field, each school celebrated a national title, Heisman Trophy winner and Iron Bowl win. Outside the lines, the rivalry has taken a twisted turn, with a stunning tale of poisoned trees and a historic force of mother nature that brought both sides of this split state together.

This one-hour film takes you on an unpredictable and unforgettable journey through the history of bad blood that runs between the two programs — all told through the eyes of the school’s Hall of Fame icons, the controversial figures that launched this rivalry into the national spotlight, all the way down to its passionate roots — the fans.

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Harvey Updyke Arrested Again!

by Travis Normand

The man who is currently awaiting trial for having poisoned trees on the campus of Auburn University (at Toomer’s Corner) has been arrested again.  However, this time his arrest was in Hammond Louisiana (home of SE Louisiana University).

According to the report in the, Harvey Updyke was apparently returning a lawn mower to a Lowe’s store in Hammond where he expected to receive $150.  When a store manager informed him that he would only receive $110, the situation escalated and police were called to the scene.

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The Ring Rule

by Travis Normand

Have you ever wondered about the rule regarding championship rings in college?  The answer is probably “no,” but please humor me.

Personally, I am very interested in the hardware that teams and individuals are awarded each year.  Naturally then, I am interested in the rules regarding these trophies, rings, etc.  So, when I came across this particular NCAA rule today, I figured I would share it with everyone else.

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The Reuben Foster Discussion is over

by Travis Normand

Unless he is tweeting fake photos, the discussion of whether or not Reuben Foster will stick to his Auburn pledge (and not change back to Alabama) is over as Foster has apparently gone out and gotten an Auburn tattoo.

The photos/tattoo doesn’t (at least to me) look 100% real, but if in fact it is real, Foster is heading to Auburn.

Check out photos of the tattoo here.