The second Ten Year War

The following is a story by Ivan Maisel and I highly recommend reading it before this weekend’s #2 Ohio State – #3 Michigan game.

Lives of Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh lead to rivalry’s new Ten Year War
by┬áIvan Maisel – ESPN Senior Writer, Nov. 20, 2016

Roll Tide, War Eagle [Short Film]

by Travis Normand

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There are many great rivalries in sports: Yankees-Red Sox, Michigan-Ohio State, North Carolina-Duke. But they don’t compare to the venomous and consuming in-state college football rivalry that is Alabama-Auburn. With no pro sports, the state of Alabama centers around one game in the year: The annual meeting between the two universities called the “Iron Bowl.” And you could not script what has transpired in the state in the past two years.

On the field, each school celebrated a national title, Heisman Trophy winner and Iron Bowl win. Outside the lines, the rivalry has taken a twisted turn, with a stunning tale of poisoned trees and a historic force of mother nature that brought both sides of this split state together.

This one-hour film takes you on an unpredictable and unforgettable journey through the history of bad blood that runs between the two programs — all told through the eyes of the school’s Hall of Fame icons, the controversial figures that launched this rivalry into the national spotlight, all the way down to its passionate roots — the fans.

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BYU & Utah Continuing their Rivalry

by Travis Normand

Utah has moved to the Pac-12 Conference and BYU has become Independent, however, these two schools are working on an agreement that will allow them to continue their annual rivalry game.

It is good to see that conference affiliation and realignment doesn’t have to end a great rivalry.

While the agreement between these two schools is not yet complete, and while the agreement may only add two more games (for now), I hope that Athletic Directors (like DeLoss Dodds) are paying attention.