The Ring Rule

by Travis Normand

Have you ever wondered about the rule regarding championship rings in college?  The answer is probably “no,” but please humor me.

Personally, I am very interested in the hardware that teams and individuals are awarded each year.  Naturally then, I am interested in the rules regarding these trophies, rings, etc.  So, when I came across this particular NCAA rule today, I figured I would share it with everyone else.  –  Awards for Winning Conference and National Championships.

Awards for winning an individual or team conference or national championship may be presented each year, limited in value and number as specified in Figure 16-2.  Awards for winning a conference or national championship in a team sport may be provided only to student-athletes who were eligible to participate in the championship event.  The total value of any single award received for a national championship may not exceed $415.  The total value of any single award received for a conference championship may not exceed $325, and each permissible awarding agency is subject to a separate $325 limit per award.  Each permissible awarding agency may provide only a single award for each championship to each student-athlete.  Separate awards may be presented to both the regular-season conference champion and the postseason conference champion (with a separate $325 limitation), but if the same institution wins both the regular-season and postseason conference championship, the combined value of both awards shall not exceed $325.  [R]Restitution – For violations of articles designated as “restitution,” if the value of the benefit provided to the individual (prospective or enrolled student-athlete) is $100 or less, the eligibility of the individual shall not be affected conditioned upon the individual repaying the value of the benefit to a charity of his or her choice.  The individual, however, shall remain ineligible from the time the institution has knowledge of the receipt of the impermissible benefit until the individual repays the benefit.  A violation of such a provision remains an institutional violation per Constitution 2.8.1, and documentation of the individual’s repayment shall be forwarded to the enforcement services staff with the institution’s self-report of the violation.  (Revised: 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02)

4 thoughts on “The Ring Rule

  1. It has been my experience that the school buys its own conference title rings. I am not sure if this varies from conference to conference, but usually the school is given a limit in how much it can spend (see the rule above in the post) and they order rings based on that amount.

  2. If you are an athlete and the school wins a championship does the school need to get you a ring if you transfer the following year but you were there the year they won.

    • Great question, and I am not certain as to the answer. However, my guess is that there is no legal obligation to buy anyone a ring … especially if they no longer attend the school. However, if the player wants one, I would think it would be the “right” thing to do (assuming that is not considered an improper benefit for a player who isn’t attending your school).

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