Harvey Updyke Arrested Again!

by Travis Normand

The man who is currently awaiting trial for having poisoned trees on the campus of Auburn University (at Toomer’s Corner) has been arrested again.  However, this time his arrest was in Hammond Louisiana (home of SE Louisiana University).

According to the report in the HammondStar.com, Harvey Updyke was apparently returning a lawn mower to a Lowe’s store in Hammond where he expected to receive $150.  When a store manager informed him that he would only receive $110, the situation escalated and police were called to the scene.

The details of exactly what happened during Updyke’s visit to the store are not confirmed at this point in time.  All that is known (or obviously assumed) from the reports is that Updyke and a store manager disagreed on the amount of owed to Updyke.

After police officers arrived: [emphasis added]

One officer told Updyke that the monetary situation was a civil matter, and that he needed to contact an attorney. Updyke said he wasn’t contacting an attorney, [and] again said he was going to jail anyway and said he “had a bad heart so he would come back and take care of everyone.”

Officers took Updyke into custody Sept. 18 for fear of the safety of Lowe’s employees and customers and booked him on a terrorizing charge. He was later transported to the Tangipahoa Parish Jail in Amite. He was released from jail the next day on a surety bond, said a bookings department representative.

Quote from HammondStar.com

Another report added that: [emphasis added]

The officer present then told Updyke that he was not allowed back on the property in which Updyke replied that he would return one time and it would be his last. After he repeated the threatening statement a second time, the police officer decided to take him into custody for fear of the safety of the Lowe’s customers and employees.

Upon his arrival at the jail, the Hammond Police Department discovered that Updyke was wanted in Texas for the same offense, but the agency refused extradition.
Quote from ABC3340.com

The following is a copy of the Hammond Police Department’s report.

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