Alabama thinks Texas A&M is not good enough

Alabama v Texas A&M T-shirtby Travis Normand

Before Alabama and Texas A&M faced off on November 10, 2012, someone in Alabama decided they needed t-shirts made specifically for that game. I have no clue why the nation’s number one ranked team, or anyone affiliated with it, would feel the need to make a special t-shirt for that particular game but they did.

Alabama was ranked number one in the country at the time of kick-off, and they were also the defending national champions. Alabama had also won the national title as recently as 2009 as well.

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We Are … Pissed off!

by Travis Normand

By now I am sure you are familiar with Penn State’s famous cheer “We Are … Penn State!”  Over the past couple of weeks, this cheer has been twisted and contorted into just about everything imaginable.  Even the 30 July 2012 cover of Sports Illustrated has changed it to “We Were … Penn State.”

Well, don’t look now, but the football team at Penn State has gotten in on the act.  Yesterday, a couple of PSU players shared photos of themselves in t-shirts that read “We Are … Pissed off!”

I don’t know who came up with the idea for the shirt, but they are being sold here at

Really? A PSU Shower Head Logo

by Travis Normand

There is some clown on selling t-shirts with an altered Penn State logo.  Instead of reading Penn State, it reads “State Penn.”  Further, the Nittany Lion logo has been changed to a shower head in reference to the Sandusky scandal.

You can see the auction listing here: Auction
Apparently the seller’s user name is:  craigmack55555 (268*)

The seller is obviously not anti-Penn State as he has other t-shirts for sale that are Pro-PSU.  One of his other shirts displays Paterno’s likeness and reads “Legends Never Die!”  No, its pretty clear that this guy is just out to make some quick cash off of a bad situation.

It is amazing what people will do for money even the worst of situations.

The Truth Hurts

by Travis Normand

While USC deserved some kind of punishment from the NCAA for its infractions during the Reggie Bush era, I am not sure the punishment fit the crime.  Worse yet, I don’t know if the punishment punsihed the wrong-doer.

I have to be careful; or what is starting out as a simple post about a t-shirt could turn into a lengthy comment on NCAA jurisprudence (or the lack there of).  After all, I am still waiting to here about Miami’s punishment for the Nevin Shapiro incident.  Oh well.

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