Why would you play this game in Houston?

by Travis Normand

Why would you tease your fans and alumni by scheduling a great non-conference game, only to then punish them by sending them to Houston, Texas (to play in Reliant Stadium)?

The upcoming Wisconsin vs. LSU match-up promises to be a good one.  However, if I were a Badger fan, I would much rather travel to Baton Rouge and see the game played on LSU’s campus.

The same goes if I were a LSU fan.  While I am sure Lambeau Field is great, I am not going to a Green Bay Packers’ game.  If I wanted to see Lambeau Field, I would go to a Packers’ game.  How disappointing it would be to travel all the way to Wisconsin (from Louisiana) and NOT see a game played at Camp Randall Stadium.

College football was meant to be played in college football stadiums.  If you have been to a college game that was played in an NFL stadium, you know exactly what I mean.

LSU will play the Badgers in Reliant Stadium in Houston to open the 2014 season and the Tigers will venture to the Packers historic home in Green Bay to play the Badgers in a return game in the 2016 opener.

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Here is what one Wisconsin fan had to say about playing in NFL stadiums:

It’s an outright travesty this game isn’t a home-and-home

Here’s where the dream ends. Somehow the series was brokered to be played at Reliant Stadium in Houston and at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. On paper, playing college football in pro stadiums seems like a novel idea. In practice, it forces fans to travel farther and pay more money to see their teams play, while athletic departments make less or lose money on the deal.

Perhaps the idea is to give players a chance to bask in Reliant’s brilliant decade-long history. Or maybe both schools just wanted to help two clearly starving NFL franchises. Whatever the case, it sort of stinks for fans.

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[Report:] Tyrann Mathieu arrested on drug charges

Jordan Jefferson, Tyrann Mathieu, two other ex-Tigers arrested
Posted on October 25, 2012 at 5:23 PM
Updated today at 7:13 AM

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BATON ROUGE, La. – Four former LSU football players, including quarterback Jordan Jefferson and former Heisman Trophy candidate Tyrann Mathieu, were arrested Thursday on drug-related charges.

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Tyrann Mathieu: The SI Story and his recent arrest

by Travis Normand

Have you read the article on Tyrann Mathieu that appeared in the 22 October 2012 issue of Sports Illustrated? If not, you can read it online by clicking HERE.

Trials of The Honey Badger

Tyrann Mathieu found overnight fame last year, but its spoils have led to comparisons with his imprisoned father, rehab, exile from the LSU football program and, possibly, NCAA violations.

By Thayer Evans and Pete Thamel
Sports Illustrated, Oct 22, 2012
Page 35 – 38

The premise of the article is that Tyrann Mathieu’s NCAA eligibility could be in question due to some promotional flyers and videos that used Mathieu’s image in order to advertise a club/party.  If Mathieu got paid for the ads, or if he knew about the ads and didn’t do anything about them, their could be a violation of NCAA rule

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Mo Isom Considered Transferring from LSU

by Travis Normand

On 24 August 2012 it was reported that former LSU women’s soccer player, Mo Isom (@MoIsom), did not make the LSU football team as a place kicker.

However, what was not reported was that Mo Isom had apparently (at least briefly) considered transferring to another SEC school in order to increase her chances of making a football squad as place kicker.

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LSU, The Movie – Coming Fall 2012!

by Travis Normand

It is always fun to see what college football programs come up with to promote the upcoming football season.  I found this LSU video today at LesMiles.net.  As you will see, it is made to appear as if the 2012 LSU football season is the next big “blockbuster” movie of the year.  I have to admit, this is one of the better “preview” videos I have seen.

LSU Football 2012 Trailer 

Kevin Steele to join LSU staff

by Travis Normand

Did Les Miles and LSU not watch the 2012 Orange Bowl between West Virginia and Clemson?

Apparently former Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele, who was fired after the 70-33 loss to WVU, is being hired by LSU and will join the football staff in an administrative capacity.

Of course, I am not sure what he will be “administrating” and I can only hope it doesn’t involve the LSU defense.  After all, a 70-33 beat-down on national TV is not exactly the best ringing endorsement of ones capabilities as a defensive coordinator.

Before taking the DC job at Clemson, Steele was the head coach at Baylor (1999-2002) where he compiled a conference record of 1-31 and an overall record of 9-36.

For LSU’s sake, I hope Steele is a good coach who has just had some bad material to work with.  I guess we will see.

H/T: TigerBait.com