1934 Rose Bowl Trophy

by Travis Normand
January 17, 2017

This is my first re-posting of an old “College Football Independent” post. It was originally posted on that blog on December 29, 2008.

1934 Rose Bowl Trophy (on eBay)
December 29, 2008

1934 Stanford Rose Bowl Trophy

1934 Stanford Rose Bowl Trophy

While looking on ebay.com I came across the 1934 Rose Bowl Trophy! The seller is asking $9,999 for it and it will be interesting to see if anyone actually buys it. This is a great item for any private collection, but $10K is a big price tag.

I have no idea if this trophy sold or not, but the auction’s description said that the trophy belonged to Stanford. Stanford lost the 1934 Rose Bowl game to Columbia and so I imagine this is some kind of participation trophy for having been invited to play in the Rose Bowl (which is an honor, in and of itself).

Dartmouth – 1970 Undefeated Ivy League Championship Trophy

by Travis Normand

  • I first posted about this trophy on a different blog (“The College Football Independent”) on July 2, 2006.
  • Later I moved the post to my then WordPress.com blog (“The Crystal Football”) on June 20, 2011.
  • Now, I am finally moving this post to the OnePointSafety.com

In 1970 Dartmouth went undefeated and won the Ivy League Championship
(and the Lambert Trophy).

On June 28th 2006, one of the trophies from that team sold on eBay.com for $230.50.

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Lu Gambino’s (Maryland) 1948 Gator Bowl MVP Trophy on eBay

1948 GATOR BOWL MVP TROPHY - Lu Gambino of Marylandby Travis Normand

I remember when I use to be surprised by the types of historically significant antiques that you could find on places like eBay.com.  However, I don’t think anything shocks me anymore.

As you may know, I am a huge fan of college football antiques and I am always looking to see what is out there floating around.  While searching eBay.com today, I found the 1948 Gator Bowl MVP Trophy that was presented to Lu Gambino of the University of Maryland.

It is apparently not being auctioned off but is simply for sale.  The seller [u.c.berkeley-stanford_collector] is asking $999.99 (or best offer) for the trophy.  While $999.99 is not considered “cheap” by most people’s standards, it is fairly standard to ask around this much for a trophy of this kind.

Further, the seller claims to have purchased the trophy at the estate sale of the Gambino family.  Assuming that is accurate, there is probably not much to worry about in terms of whether or not this trophy is authentic.

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Really? A PSU Shower Head Logo

by Travis Normand

There is some clown on eBay.com selling t-shirts with an altered Penn State logo.  Instead of reading Penn State, it reads “State Penn.”  Further, the Nittany Lion logo has been changed to a shower head in reference to the Sandusky scandal.

You can see the auction listing here: Auction
Apparently the seller’s eBay.com user name is:  craigmack55555 (268*)

The seller is obviously not anti-Penn State as he has other t-shirts for sale that are Pro-PSU.  One of his other shirts displays Paterno’s likeness and reads “Legends Never Die!”  No, its pretty clear that this guy is just out to make some quick cash off of a bad situation.

It is amazing what people will do for money even the worst of situations.