Really? A PSU Shower Head Logo

by Travis Normand

There is some clown on selling t-shirts with an altered Penn State logo.  Instead of reading Penn State, it reads “State Penn.”  Further, the Nittany Lion logo has been changed to a shower head in reference to the Sandusky scandal.

You can see the auction listing here: Auction
Apparently the seller’s user name is:  craigmack55555 (268*)

The seller is obviously not anti-Penn State as he has other t-shirts for sale that are Pro-PSU.  One of his other shirts displays Paterno’s likeness and reads “Legends Never Die!”  No, its pretty clear that this guy is just out to make some quick cash off of a bad situation.

It is amazing what people will do for money even the worst of situations.

11 thoughts on “Really? A PSU Shower Head Logo

  1. Good can always come from bad. Maybe the T-shirts will cause parents to become more involved in the lives of their children. Just because someone is in a position of power and authority doesn’t make him trustworthy.

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