“Paterno,” Biography by Joe Posnanski – Released Today August 21

by Travis Normand

The biography of Joe Paterno, written by Joe Posnanski, was released today.  I ran out of the office today during lunch to pick up my copy.  I haven’t started reading it yet, but can’t wait to get started.

I got my copy at Barnes and Noble, however it is more than $10 cheaper through Amazon.com.  If you don’t mind waiting a couple days (for shipping), this is probably the best way to go.

Click HERE to see / buy “Paterno” on Amazon.com

As you can imagine, there is no shortage of opinions on this book.  However, most of the opinions I have read are anything but insightful.  Here are a few opinions that I thought were better than most:

Regardless, I would advise reading the book yourself and making up your own mind.

Freeh Report is Insufficient to Justify NCAA Punishment

by Travis Normand

When I quote an entire article in one of my posts, I always feel as if I should start by saying, “I hate doing this.” However, in this case, there are simply far too many things in the article that I would like to highlight.

As you will see below, The Chronicle of Higher Education released an article this past week with some interesting information and comments on the Freeh Report.  Please read the following quote[s] from the article and then see my bulleted comments after.  [Emphasis added]

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Where have you gone Penn Staters?

by Travis Normand

As of now, the number of football players who are transferring from Penn State has climbed to nine:

  1. Silas Redd – Junior RB – Transfered to USC
  2. Tim Buckley – Freshman Safety – Transfered to North Carolina State
  3. Rob Bolden – Junior QB – Transfered to LSU
  4. Kevin Haplea – Junior TE – Transfered to Florida State
  5. Khairi Fortt – Junior LB – Transfered to Cal
  6. Jamil Pollard – Freshman DL – Transfered to Rutgers
  7. Justin Brown – Senior WR – Transfered to Oklahoma:  With Brown no longer wearing the Blue & White, Penn State will start its 2012 slate without a single player on the roster having caught more than five receptions during the 2011 season.
  8. Anthony Fera – Junior K/P – Transfered to Texas
  9. Ryan Nowicki – Freshman OL – Transfered to Illinois



Penn State’s “choice” of sanctions

by Travis Normand

It has been my opinion that the NCAA, and President Mark Emmert, used their position to strong-arm Penn State into the heavy sanctions that were levied upon the school’s football program last month. I am sure most people will read this and interpret it as if I am saying that Penn State doesn’t deserve to be punished, which is an incorrect interpretation.

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We Are … Pissed off!

by Travis Normand

By now I am sure you are familiar with Penn State’s famous cheer “We Are … Penn State!”  Over the past couple of weeks, this cheer has been twisted and contorted into just about everything imaginable.  Even the 30 July 2012 cover of Sports Illustrated has changed it to “We Were … Penn State.”

Well, don’t look now, but the football team at Penn State has gotten in on the act.  Yesterday, a couple of PSU players shared photos of themselves in t-shirts that read “We Are … Pissed off!”

I don’t know who came up with the idea for the shirt, but they are being sold here at PennStateClothes.com.