Mo Isom Considered Transferring from LSU

by Travis Normand

On 24 August 2012 it was reported that former LSU women’s soccer player, Mo Isom (@MoIsom), did not make the LSU football team as a place kicker.

However, what was not reported was that Mo Isom had apparently (at least briefly) considered transferring to another SEC school in order to increase her chances of making a football squad as place kicker.

Mo Isom tweeted on 25 August 2012, that she was encouraged by all the support she had been receiving (from fans via twitter) and that she wanted to “return the favor & answer a handful of questions from my followers.  Got any for me?”

Two tweets later, Mo Isom re-tweeted a fans question, along with her answer.  Her tweet read:

@rubbedoneout: Why not transfer to another SEC school to be PK?”// Have thought abt it, but Im the reigning HC Queen. Loyal & in love w LSU.”

While I have no idea how serious Isom was about transferring to another school, it was something she had apparently considered (even if only for a brief second or two).

Thankfully, Isom decided to stay at LSU, as her school spirit seemingly won out over her desire to become a place kicker.

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