Longhorns, pay attention to this.

by Travis Normand

I don’t normally care for anything Colin Cowherd does or says, but in this segment, he is spot on.  Agree?

A clip from Cowherd’s new show on Fox (10 September 2015)

The Longhorns want you to forget that they ever played Texas A&M

by Travis Normand

How quickly we forget; or should I say, how quickly the media forgets.

I don’t care what anyone (including DeLoss Dodds) would like you to believe, but the Longhorns don’t have an annual Thanksgiving night football game tradition.  Despite the revisionist history being created in Austin, there is no tradition of the Longhorns playing a football game on Thanksgiving.

If there is a tradition, it is that the University of Texas and Texas A&M University used to play football on Thanksgiving day.  However, 2012 was the first time (in almost 100 years) that they didn’t play each other.  Why?  Because the Longhorns had a fit when the Aggies decided to move from the Big 12 to the SEC, and decided that they no longer wanted to play A&M anymore.  The Aggies have issued a standing invitation to the Longhorns to continue the rivalry, but so far the Longhorns have refused.

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Is DeLoss Dodds really this stupid?

by Travis Normand

A friend of mine living in Chicago emailed me today to ask if I had heard any news about the renewal of the annual football rivalry between Texas A&M and the University of Texas.  My Chicago friend included a link in his email to something he had read on Yahoo.com (Dr. Saturday’s Blog) and wanted to know if there was anything to it.  Here is the link he sent me:  “Texas AD DeLoss Dodds says rivalry with A&M could return but on Texas’ terms.”

When I first read the headline, I couldn’t help but get a little excited.  My first thought was that Dodds had finally gotten over the fact that A&M had left the Big 12 for the SEC, and that he was finally ready to schedule A&M after a one-year hiatus.

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Legislator in Texas introduces bill that would require Longhorns and Aggies to play football

Members of the 2006 Texas Longhorn football te...

by Travis Normand

By now I am sure you have heard that there is a bill in the Texas Legislature that will require Texas A&M and the University of Texas to renew and continue their annual football rivalry.  As of right now, the bill has only been submitted/introduced.  Only time will tell if this particular bill has any “legs” or whether it will “die on the table.”

[Click HERE to see House Bill (HB) 778]

If you poll the online internet Aggie community, it appears as if a large majority of Aggies are not in favor of this bill.  After reading a few conversation threads on TexAgs.com, it appears as if there are a lot of Aggies that either (1) don’t want to play the Longhorns anymore, and/or (2) feel that the only way the two schools should play is if the Longhorns are the ones who request the game.

Personally, I am of the opinion that the game should be played.  The annual rivalry game between the two schools is an important ingredient in the tradition of college football and everyone suffers from its loss.

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ESPN’s journalistic integrity is harmed again

by Travis Normand

Take a look at this article on Deadspin.com titled:

It is clear that in the first video, the 11 p.m. SportsCenter credited SportsByBrooks.com with the information.  However, the next video showing the 1 a.m. SportsCenter (airing two hours later), had removed such credit.

ESPN could have simply cited the report that appeared in The Times-Picayun, which also got its information from SportsByBrooks.com.  Instead, however, SportsCenter anchor Jonathan Coachman said the information was something that “we’ll have to see to really believe.”

It appears that ESPN doesn’t want to give any credit for the information and instead wants to degrade the original source without naming names.

Fascinating stuff, but then again, its what we have come to expect from ESPN.

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[Video] Mack Brown hates the Longhorn Network

by Travis Normand

Mack Brown and LHN T-shirt

If only Texas had its own network. Oh wait!

Okay, so maybe he doesn’t really hate the Longhorn Network, but he apparently isn’t that crazy about it either.

VIDEO: Brown concerned about Longhorn Network?

This was originally reported by OrangeBloods.com, however, Frank Schwab has a brilliant write-up posted on the “Dr. Saturday” blog (Yahoo Sports) that I highly recommend reading.

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