ESPN’s journalistic integrity is harmed again

by Travis Normand

Take a look at this article on titled:

It is clear that in the first video, the 11 p.m. SportsCenter credited with the information.  However, the next video showing the 1 a.m. SportsCenter (airing two hours later), had removed such credit.

ESPN could have simply cited the report that appeared in The Times-Picayun, which also got its information from  Instead, however, SportsCenter anchor Jonathan Coachman said the information was something that “we’ll have to see to really believe.”

It appears that ESPN doesn’t want to give any credit for the information and instead wants to degrade the original source without naming names.

Fascinating stuff, but then again, its what we have come to expect from ESPN.

There are so many controversies surrounding ESPN that the subject has its own Wikipedia page.

Other ESPN media controversies:

One of ESPN’s biggest and most recent controversies was the “Free Bruce” debacle.

Then there is also the Longhorn Network and the conflict of interest that it represents for ESPN.  The sheer volume of ethical questions surrounding ESPN and the LHN are too many to list here, however, I will gladly list a few that were easier to find.

I can just see the ESPN execs scrambling for the telephone when they saw Palmer flash the downward horns on television.  I mean, here you are trying to sell the LHN to your viewers during a nationally televised (on ESPN) Longhorn game, and your announcer is giving a “horns down.”  I bet they were pretty upset.

Did ESPN make Desmond Howard (former Michigan football player, Heisman winner, and ESPN College Gameday host) apologize to Ohio State for saying “they don’t forget those who kick their ass . . .” in this 2007 documentary about the Michigan-Ohio State game?  Apparently not, as there is no such thing as the MWN (or Michigan Wolverine Network).

Michigan vs. Ohio State: The Rivalry, 2007

More controversy on the LHN and ESPN

An old one that I almost forgot:

Yesterday, March 22nd, ESPN Radio hack, uh, host, Colin Cowherd, did one of our most popular bits on the air verbatim, the M Zone Wonderlic Test, without giving the M Zone any credit whatsoever.

4 thoughts on “ESPN’s journalistic integrity is harmed again

  1. Travis

    Whatever gave you the impression that ESPN had journalistic integrity in the first place ? They’re the WWE of sports entertainment ! C’mon man !

    Skip Bayless, , Kirk Herbstreit , Stephen A Smith and Chris Berman ? Never mind who’s leaving the outlet , they have become stale and less creative !

    And as long as the likes of Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian continues to drink out of the pot that Bud Selig pi##es in , that outlet will have no integrity whatsoever ! Count on it .

    Tophatal ……….

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