The Greatest Comeback That Never Was

The quarterfinals of the 1994 Texas State Championship is considered by many to be the greatest football game ever. Two undefeated high school teams came together at Texas Stadium and the winner would go on to win the state title.

Why are players, coaches and broadcasters still haunted by this game 20 years later?

Special thanks to Denny Garver, Eddy Clinton and the Plano East and John Tyler players and coaches for their cooperation with this project.

Link: – The Fan Show

by Travis Normand

I made a brief appearance on “The Fan Show” at on October 23, 2014.  The Aggies had just gotten blown out 59-0 by Alabama, so the mood of the show isn’t up-beat.  Either way, it was a great time and I appreciate the opportunity to be on the show.

With ‘Jorts’ no longer in the mix, newbies Travis Normand and Wes Whitney joined Hunter ‘Zone416’ Shurtleff, David Sandhop and Gabe Bock on Thursday TexAgs Radio for a new-look edition of The Fan Show

You can listen and/or watch the show here, at

College Football Documentaries/Movies

by Travis Normand

(1)  365 Days:  A Year in Happy Valley (by The Porterfield Group, LLC)

(2)  The Joe We Know (by The Porterfield Group, LLC)

(3)  Ole War Skule Movie ( or

(4)  SEC Ready (by TexAgs Films at

(5)  Breaking Tradition: Ride for the Brand (by Wellborn Road Productions – to be released Fall 2015)

(6)  The Burning Desire (by Texas A&M 12th Man Productions)

(7)  Aggies: The True Story of Texas A&M

(8)  We’ve Never Been Licked 

Know of any others?  Please let me know in the comments below and I will add them here.

Princeton vs. Yale – Nov. 19, 1903

by Travis Normand

The caption below states that this is the “oldest collegiate football video footage on record.”  While I am not sure if that claim is true, I still find this clip from 1903 pretty amazing.  The game itself still looks a lot like Rugby Union only with stoppage of play after each tackle (as Rugby Union play doesn’t stop after the player is tackled).

Princeton and Yale’s 1903 battle wasn’t just a match-up of undefeated teams. It also served as the site for the oldest collegiate football video footage on record, thanks to a Thomas Alva Edison-sponsored production company. The result is a remarkable recording of a game previously witnessed by only the 50,000 spectators on hand.