Phil Steele’s 2013 Spring Football Guide

NCAA - 25Kby Travis Normand

Phil Steele has emailed out the link for his 2013 spring (college) football guide.  This is a great resource for anyone tracking the many changes and news stories that occur in college football throughout the off-season.  I highly recommend checking it out.

You can see Phil’s guide by clicking HERE – (


2012-13 BCS Media Guide – Big East Conference

by Travis Normand

2012-13 BCS Media Guide - from Big East ConferenceUpon checking the mail this afternoon, I found a copy of the 2012-2013 BCS Media Guide in my mail box.  The media guide was mailed to me in a Big East Conference envelope.

So, as always, I wanted to say thanks to both the BCS and the Big East Conference.

Thanks to the BCS for sending out a copy of their media guide and thanks to the Big East for picking up the shipping.

2012 Notre Dame Football Media Guide

by Travis Normand
2012 Notre Dame Media GuideThanks to the guys and girls in the sports information department at Notre Dame for sending me their 2012 football media guide.  Not many schools still send out media guides any more, but I always say “thanks” to the few that do.  Media guides are an extremely helpful resource and they make covering a team a thousand times easier.

Further, Notre Dame has made their guide a little smaller in size (instead of the traditional larger magazine size).  Personally, I prefer the smaller size and find that it is easier (and thus more likely) to take with me when I travel.

Thanks again!