Texas A&M is 4-0 versus John Heisman

Portrait of John Heisman in his mid-fifties at Rice University (1925)

by Travis Normand
June 5, 2017

An interesting footnote in the history of Texas A&M football is that Texas A&M is 4-0 against legendary coach John Heisman. Heisman coached at several different schools throughout his career including stops at Auburn, Clemson, and Georgia Tech. However, Heisman’s last football coaching job was in Houston, Texas at what is known today as Rice University.

Heisman became Rice’s first full-time football coach and coached at Rice for four seasons (1924, 1925, 1926, and 1927). His four-year record at Rice was 14-18-3 overall and 4-11-1 against the Southwest Conference (SWC).

While Heisman did not have a lot of success at Rice, the only team that he faced at least four times and was unable to defeat during his tenure at Rice was Texas A&M. However, to be fair, A&M’s football squads were pretty good during this four-year span and won the SWC Championship in 1925 and 1927 (Heisman’s second and fourth seasons at Rice). A&M was also led by coach Dana X. Bible.

Here is a quick review of the four match-ups between A&M and Rice during Heisman’s four years at Rice:

  • 1924: Aggies defeated Rice 13-6 on November 14th* in College Station, Texas;
  • 1925: Aggies defeated Rice 17-0 on November 14th in Houston, Texas;
  • 1926: Aggies defeated Rice 20-0 on November 12th in College Station, Texas; and
  • 1927: Aggies defeated Rice 14-0 on November 11th in Houston, Texas.

A&M prevented Rice from scoring in three of the four games that featured Heisman as Rice’s head coach. In 1924, the one game where Heisman’s team was able to score any points against Texas A&M was one in which Rice entered the contest 2-0 in SWC play (only to finish 2-2).

During his four seasons at Rice, Heisman’s Owls were not able to beat a single SWC Champion (1924-Baylor, 1925-Texas A&M, 1926-SMU, and 1927-Texas A&M). Besides Texas A&M, the only other teams that Rice played at least once during each of these four seasons (or at least four times) were Sam Houston State, Southwestern, Texas University, and Baylor. Of these four other teams, none of them were able to sweep John Heisman and his Rice Owls four consecutive times.

Heisman left Rice after the 1927 season and later became the director of the Downtown Athletic Club in New York, which named its annual college football award after him.


* The date listed in the 2006 Rice Owl’s Football Media Guide for the 1924 game versus Texas A&M is Saturday, November 15th (see page 167); however, the official Texas A&M football website (12thMan.com) and the 1925 Long Horn yearbook (Texas A&M) lists the date of the game as having been played on November 14th (see page 214).



100 Years ago today, Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland, 222-0

by Travis Normand
October 7, 2016

[Updated on October 9, 2016 to include several items that were not yet released on October 7, 2016]

Today, Friday, October 7, 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of Georgia Tech’s crushing defeat of Cumberland College, 222-0, in 1916.  Check out the following links, photos, and videos to learn more about this incredible game.

[1] 100 years ago: Georgia Tech’s 222-0 victory, by Michael Freer, ESPN Stats & Information, Oct 7, 2016:

Georgia Tech scored at least 42 points in every quarter (63, 63, 54 and 42).

The Yellow Jackets scored 32 touchdowns, and Cumberland committed 15 turnovers (nine fumbles lost, six interceptions).

Georgia Tech ran a relatively low 29 offensive plays, all rushes, for 501 total yards (17.3 yards per play). Cumberland finished with negative-28 total yards.

Cumberland did not gain a first down. Georgia Tech had 20.

[2] John Heisman orchestrates Georgia Tech’s 222-0 victory a century ago; a short video/film by ESPN:  http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=17741583

[3] Random Research: Cumberland Football, by Travis Normand at OnePointSafety.com: https://onepointsafety.com/2014/09/18/random-research-cumberland-football

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Johnny Lattner, Notre Dame Heisman Winner, Dies at 83

by Travis Normand

HWA 2008 Barton Springs TX - Johnny Latner

Me and Johnny Lattner (1953 Heisman Trophy Winner for Notre Dame) at the Heisman Winners Association dinner in 2008.

College football lost a great man today when Johnny Lattner passed away at age 83.  I had the privilege of meeting Johnny Lattner in 2007 at the Heisman Winner’s Association dinner in Austin Texas.  I attended three of those dinners (2007, 2008, and 2009) and I was able to visit with Lattner each time.  He was a great guy and was always a pleasure to visit with.

He will be missed.

Here is a Chicago Tribune article about Johnny Lattner, giving a short overview of his life, family, and playing career.  I highly recommend it.

John David Crow, Texas A&M Heisman winner, dies at 79

by Travis Normand

I had the pleasure of meeting John David Crow several times. He was a great man and will be sorely missed.

John David Crow, Texas A&M’s first Heisman winner, dies at 79

COLLEGE STATION – Texas A&M’s first Heisman Trophy winner, John David Crow, has died at the age of 79, his family has confirmed. The cause of his death on Wednesday night has not been released.

Crow had lived in College Station after he retired from A&M’s athletics administration in 2001. According to A&M, “John David Crow passed away peacefully surrounded by his wife, Carolyn, and family. Services are pending and the family requests privacy at this time.”

For more: Chron.com

Manziel should not have won the Heisman because he is bad at twitter

Johnny Manziel - 20Kby Travis Normand

I have never claimed to be more than I actually am.  I am a blogger.  I am a blogger that focuses primarily on college football, but that is it.  I am not a reporter, and calling myself a “writer” is really a stretch.

However, maybe I should have gone into covering college sports as a career? I mean, I am not very good at it, but apparently you don’t have to be.  In fact, if you work at the Orlando Sentinel, they will call you a College Insider.  One would think they would have to know a lot of information about a certain topic before they were given the title of “insider.”  However, the following article by Matt Murschel shows that that is simply not the case.

[Emphasis added]

Johnny Football shows maybe Heisman shouldn’t go to freshmen after all

Matt Murschel
College Insider
6:58 p.m. EDT, March 31, 2013

The Heisman Trophy honors some of the best young men that college football has to offer.

Men whose actions on and off the field exemplified integrity, diligence, hard work and perseverance.

Men whose painted portraits have hung in the hallowed halls for close to a century and represent what is supposed to be right about college footballJohnny Manziel‘s portrait hangs there as well, but lately it appears more like it was taken with Instagram.

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Oklahoma’s Jason White, It takes one to know one, right?

Heisman - 8Kby Travis Normand

Former Oklahoma quarterback, Jason White, won the Heisman trophy in 2003.  As with all former winners of the trophy, White will have a vote in deciding who wins the trophy from now on.

So, in early December 2012, Jason White appeared on CampusInsiders.com [link is now apparently dead] revealing who he placed on his Heisman ballot.  The article/video that was posted on CampusInsiders.com was titled “It takes one to know one,” in reference to the fact that it takes a Heisman winner to know another Heisman winner.

VIDEO: The CampusInsiders.com video was also posted here at NewsOK.com

Unfortunately, someone is wrong.  Either CampusInsiders.com is wrong and it doesn’t take one Heisman winner to know another, or Jason White is wrong in that he wouldn’t know what a Heisman winner looked like if he was staring into a mirror.

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ABC Promoting Klein for Heisman?

by Travis Normand

If you watched the Kansas State vs. Texas Longhorns football game on December 1, 2012, then you probably saw the graphic that ABC displayed showing what appeared to be some kind of statistical break-down of the differences between Colin Klein and Johnny Manziel.

The comparison was awful as it didn’t explain the stats it was displaying.

I have seen stats skewed in every way possible, but this was one of the worst.  It was as if ABC was trying to make a last push effort for Klein.  Aren’t media outlets like ABC suppose to be unbiased?  Oh wait…ABC, ESPN, and Disney are all the same company?  I should have known.

At least the guys over at GoodBullHunting.com “fixed” the graphic and displayed it on their site with the numbers behind the numbers.

From: GoodBullHunting.com

From: GoodBullHunting.com

The other graphic on their site, which I posted here not too long ago, showed that Johnny Manziel has faced 3 teams that are in the BCS Top 5. However, Colin Klien has produced numbers that are not quite as good as Manziel’s, against competition that isn’t among the best in the nation.