Report claiming that Auburn coaches bribed players

English: Sports logo of Auburn University

by Travis Normand

Selena Roberts has broken a story on her site at, and if true (and I am assuming it is or she wouldn’t have reported it), it would be the next big college football scandal to break in what appears to be an ongoing epidemic.

Over the past couple of seasons we have seen major scandals dominate the news at schools like Ohio State, Penn State, USC, Miami, and Oregon.  Now, the next story has been brought to our attention — at Auburn.

You can read the original report, written by Roberts, HERE at her site.  You can also read the report (with video) HERE.

4 thoughts on “Report claiming that Auburn coaches bribed players

  1. Even though the NCAA decided that Auburn was clean in the whole Cam Newton saga, they should probably end up on the list of schools that have had a major scandal over the last decade.

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