OPS reaches 100 followers!

by Travis Normand

I am pleased to announce that OPS has registered its 100th follower today (Jan. 9, 2013)!  Again, small potatoes to some of you, but a big deal to me.  I am humbled, even if the followers are just being nice.

Thanks to everyone who follows, reads, checks-in, comments, visits, etc.  I really do appreciate it.  Hopefully this site will continue to grow and I will continue to get better (as I can’t possibly get any worse…haha).


3 thoughts on “OPS reaches 100 followers!

  1. I have enjoyed your postings so much Sister Barbara. I will enjoy sending this out as well.
    My paperwhites have just finished their blooming. Now my early bloomers are coming up. I hope these cold spells of 30 degrees won’t freeze them. We are to get down into the twenties next week. I have flower bulbs in the dark and heat. It is time to get them out again.
    You have a gr8 day Barbara.
    Much love and prayers.

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