BCS National Title: The morning after …

2013 BCS National Championship

by Travis Normand

Okay, so today is not really the morning after, as the BCS title game was the night before last.  However, I was going to write this yesterday (on the actual morning after the title game) but I didn’t feel up to it.  Why?  Because the morning after the title game is always a bad one for me.  It’s like a bad hang over multiplied by 10.

I love the BCS National TItle game, even when it is a blow-out.  It’s a great way to put an exclamation point on the end of what was a great college football season.  Everything builds up to that moment, and for me, the game feels bigger than the Super Bowl.

Of course the downside of the title game is that it also marks the end of the college football season.  When the game ends, college football fans enter a long and quiet period of “nothingness.”  Unlike many professional sports, the college football off-season starts in the first half of January and runs until (usually) the third week of August (at least) — that is a very long eight months.

The off-season does have a few bright spots.  Things like national signing day (February) is essentially a college football holiday, spring football (and spring games), and then preseason magazines in June/July, are all tiny consolation prizes that help the college football junkie survive until August finally rolls around.

So, as I sit here, two days after the championship game and 2012 season have ended, I realize that it is only the first week of many to come before August 2013 finally arrives.  Like I said, its like a bad hang over, only worse.

7 thoughts on “BCS National Title: The morning after …

    • Wow…small world!

      I don’t live in the Clear Lake area, but I am familiar with it. My in-laws live in that area of Houston.

      Honestly, Houston is not a bad place, but it is not a great one either. I totally understand why someone living in Houston would move to Toulouse. haha

      Speaking of a small world, I have actually been to Toulouse. I flew to Paris and caught a train south for Toulouse. I loved it there. After some time in Toulouse, I rented a car and drove east towards Italy (making many stops along the way).

      It was absolutely amazing!

      Thanks for your comment! I hope to see you around again soon.


  1. I liked the way you put that, for college football fans, this is a period of nothingingness. We can try to get excited about March Madness, but in reality, it’s a boring game in the end compared to football. It’s going to be a long off season.

    • No problem….we all can’t be excited about the same things. If we did, the world would be fairly boring. It’s good to have different “likes” and “dislikes.” Especially when you take the time to look into what others like, even if you don’t particularly like (or care for) it

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