Mack Brown campaigning against Johnny Manziel?

by Travis Normand

On November 27, 2012, Barry Horn (@bhorn55) tweeted a quote that he claimed was from  Longhorn football coach Mack Brown.

The tweet read:

UT’s Mack hardly endorses #Aggie for Heisman.  “Colt wasn’t ready as a freshman … I’d like it to be best player on best team.”

Mack Brown Tweets against Manziel

I am still trying to track down the original location of this quote (Was it said at a press conference? On a radio show?  Where?).  Until I find it, I will reserve judgment.

However, I will point this out.  The last Heisman winner produced by Mack Brown was Ricky Williams (1998).  That 1998 Longhorn squad finished the season 9-3 (if you count their Cotton Bowl victory) and 6-2 in the Big 12 conference.  They finished second place in the Big 12 South Division behind Texas A&M (Big 12 Conference Champions).  Their final national rank at season’s end was 15th in the AP Poll.

In other words, Ricky Williams may have been the best player but he was clearly not on the best team.  I am guessing Mack doesn’t remember that far back.

* * * * * *

“It would be a tremendous injustice if Ricky Williams didn’t win the Heisman Trophy,” Texas A&M coach R.C. Slocum said.

This quote by Texas A&M’s then-head football coach RC Slocum appeared in the Chicago Tribune on December 13, 1998.  The title of the article was Even other coaches like Williams, by Blair Kerkhoff.

If the above twitter quote is legit, its a shame that Mack Brown can’t find it within himself to return the favor.

5 thoughts on “Mack Brown campaigning against Johnny Manziel?

  1. As a Longhorn fan, I will agree with Coach Mack Brown–Colt McCoy wasn’t ready to be named Heisman Trophy Winner as a freshman. But, in 2012, Johnny “Football” Manziel/Johnny Heisman, is!!!

    I voted in 2 mock polls for the HT; both times I place Manziel in the top spot; he deserved it.

    Manziel’s numbers are awesome regardless of the class he’s in–and is well deserving and should be duly honored–and he was–as the 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner.

    A HT winner should always go to an offensive player; the defensive players have their own awards–and offensive players are not eligible to be named.

    Regardless if he wins another or not; this remains to be seen. He has become the first freshman to claim the prized and this can’t be taken away from him…less he pull some off field issues into the mix–which is doubtful.

    Congratulations Johnny Football…the 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner.

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