BCS Standings – Week 7 [Nov. 25, 2012]

by Travis Normand

Click HERE to see the BCS standings as of November 25, 2012. This is the seventh BCS ranking of the 2012 season.

A few of my observations from this week’s BCS standings:

  • Alabama is ranked number two overall and only needs to win the SEC Championship game this weekend to presumably reach the BCS National Title game.

  • Georgia is ranked number three and will meet Alabama in this weekend’s SEC Championship game.  A win over Alabama will presumably move Georgia into the number two spot and will thus send them to the BCS National Title game (instead of Alabama).
  • Notre Dame is ranked number one overall in the BCS and will presumably be given an invitation to play in the BCS National Title game.  They will most likely face the SEC champion in that title game (Alabama or Georgia).
  • UCLA is ranked 16 overall while Nebraska is 12.  UCLA defeated Nebraska earlier this season and both teams will be playing in their conference’s title game this coming weekend.  However, UCLA is 9-3 while Nebraska is 10-2.


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5 thoughts on “BCS Standings – Week 7 [Nov. 25, 2012]

  1. Yes, their defense is fantastic while their offense is mediocre (at best). Of course, Alabama has a good defense as well, and an “okay” offense (yet its still better than Notre Dame’s offense). I am curious as to how much the lay-off will affect these teams. The lay-off may help the game stay closer than we expect as I am guessing the time off favors the defense and hurts the offense.

    Oh well, the good thing is that we will get to see it play out.

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