Marqise Lee for Heisman

by Travis Normand

While I am not sure if USC receiver Marqise Lee should win the Heisman or not, I do know that USC has decided to launch a campaign promoting Lee for multiple post-season awards in week 10!

Heisman campaigns normally begin before the season starts.  However, in the case of Marqise Lee, he has been performing so well throughout the 2012 season that USC simply couldn’t refrain from promoting him.

Over the past couple of weeks Lee has entered the Heisman discussion without any real promotion or campaign materials being circulated.  In other words, it was his Saturday performances that were getting him the recognition.

Due to the fact that (1) Lee’s campaign is not based on pure hype, (2) that he has entered the discussion based on his statistical accomplishments, and (3) that there is no real strong front-runner for the award already, Lee might just become the first receiver to win the award since Desmond Howard did it in 1991.

Do you #BeLEEve?

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