[Press Release] ESPN Reaches 12-Year Agreement For New College Football Playoff

For immediate release:
November 21, 2012

ESPN Reaches 12-Year Agreement For New College Football Playoff

All Related Games Including National Championship, Semifinals And More

ESPN and the group that will administer the new college football playoff have reached an agreement in principle to present the playoff games and selected other games for 12 years on an exclusive basis across ESPN’s platforms. The agreement will begin after the 2014 regular season (including January 2015) and continue through after the 2025 regular season (January 2026). It includes the national championship game and semifinals, as well as other bowl games that will be part of the rotation to host the semifinals. Combined with previous deals for the Rose, Sugar and Orange Bowls, the arrangement would provide ESPN with rights to all games that are involved in the new post-season arrangement to determine a college football national champion.

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by Travis Normand

Just like the post on BustedCoverage.com said, I know that my own site (OPS) is full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. However, when you are ESPN and you make these types of mistakes, you are going to get called out.  It is that simple.

Clay Travis discusses all-things SEC Network with TexAgs.com

by Travis Normand

The guys over at TexAgs.com recently had Clay Travis on their radio show to discuss many things, including the SEC Network.  As always, Clay Travis did a great job of explaining why he believes the SEC Network will be extremely successful.

The interview is only about 16:30 minutes long and is worth the listen.

However, if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, there are some notes from the conversation posted at TexAgs.com as well.

Click HERE to listen to listen to the show with Clay Travis.

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The ESPN / LHN conspiracy continues

by Travis Normand

This is about a week late, but I just saw it for the first time yesterday.  Clay Travis (OutKickTheCoverage.com) posted an interesting article concerning ESPN’s decision to air the Texas A&M – LSU game at 11 am central.  Travis claims, and provides some compelling evidence, that ESPN made this decision in order to protect the viewership of the Baylor – Texas game which aired that same evening on ABC.

If you have been following all of the questionable moves that ESPN has made in order to protect its investment in the Longhorn Network (LHN), then you will enjoy reading what Clay Travis has written.

You can find the article by Clay Travis at his site, by clicking HERE!

Excitement Trumps Explanation

by Travis Normand

Last Saturday night, Cincinnati was trailing Virginia Tech by a score of 20-24, and then on third-and-ten, with 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the upset happened!

Upon scoring the go-ahead touchdown, the crowd and ESPN announcers, go wild!  Yes, the excitement of watching a thrilling last second victory must have been why we didn’t get an explanation on Saturday night.

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