Lou Holtz doesn’t like Johnny Manziel’s visor

by Travis Normand

I am struggling to figure out what it is about Johnny Manziel that so many members of the media don’t like.

In the video posted below, it appears that Lou Holtz thinks that Manziel is “out of control,” although he doesn’t explain exactly why he thinks this.  However, what is more confusing is that Holtz is bothered by the fact that Manziel was wearing a visor and had a towel around his neck (towards the end of the game).  I could understand if Holtz didn’t like Manziel due to his recent NCAA investigation, however, I will never understand what it is about his visor that upsets Holtz.

See video below at about 00:00:41 second mark:

I guess that some people are just going to dislike Manziel no matter what he does. However, if Manziel wants Lou Holtz on his side, he had better ditch the visor.

And what about Mark May’s comments?  Read this first and then ask yourself if you still think May is the best person to comment on anything related to Johnny Manziel.

*Note:  Holtz also said that if he were Manziel’s coach, he would “have grabbed him by the throat.”

10 thoughts on “Lou Holtz doesn’t like Johnny Manziel’s visor

  1. i never liked chip kelly’s visor. makes him look like a dork. to each his own. however, he’ll always be visor head kelly to me. i like lou but he has issues as there is whispering of him getting away with NCAA violations while he was at the golden dome and/or s. carolina. don’t care much for mr. may. as for johnny, you know what i think if you’ve read my first 2 college blogs for this season.

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