Akron considering Jim Tressel for President…?

Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel (Photo credit: WDPG share)

by Travis Normand

I found this piece of news today and thought it was interesting.

Jim Tressel is apparently being considered for the job of president at the University of Akron according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Many rumors suggest that Tressel, a University of Akron vice president for strategic engagement since February 2012, will be named interim president or president when Proenza departs.

“He’s probably going to be a candidate, but that’s about all we can say at this point,” university trustee chairman Richard Pogue said in an interview with the Beacon Journal on Monday. “ We’re not in any rush.”

If Tressel gets the job of president, it would be safe to say that he landed on his feet.

Tressel resigned as head coach at OSU in May 2011 over NCAA violations. That resulted in OSU wiping its stellar 2010 season from the record books, a post-season bowl ban for the 2012 season, the loss of scholarships and 3 years of probation for the football team. The NCAA handed Tressel a five-year “show-cause” penalty for unethical conduct for failing to report team members who improperly sold memorabilia and allowing ineligible players to compete.

Read more at Dispatch.com – both of the above block quotes came from this article at the Columbus Dispatch. 

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