Jack Pardee [1936-2013]

English: Jack Pardee as head football coach fo...

by Travis Normand

Jack Pardee, one of Bear Bryant’s “Junction Boys” at Texas A&M, died Monday, April 1, 2013.

For more on Jack Pardee, see this article at the WashingtonPost.com and/or this article at the Houston Chronicle (Chron.com).

Here is a link to a Q&A with Pardee from around the time The Junction Boys movie was released (2002).

The following is Pardee’s bio from AggieLettermen.org:

Jack Pardee joined the exclusive “1,000 Yard Club” after accumulating a total of 1,017 career rushing yards.  A tri-captain of the 1956 SWC championship team, Pardee was one of the legendary Junction Boys of 1954. Among his other athletic accolades can be counted:

— All American, 1956
— All-SWC Fullback, 1955, 1956
Houston Post MVP Award, 1956
— Academic All-American, 1956
— NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship, 1956
— 2nd Round Draft Choice, LA Rams, 1957
— Played in the 1963 Pro Bowl.
— National Football Foundation Hall of Fame, 1986

From AggieLettermen.org

Credit: AggieLettermen.org

(L to R) Jack Pardee (No. 32), Coach Bryant,
— Photo Credit: Chron.com

2 thoughts on “Jack Pardee [1936-2013]

  1. Wow! I missed that. Sad. My dad worked with Jack Pardee back in the 1960s or 1970s when he was trying to sell stocks. My dad said he was a terrible salesman, but a great man and it was good when he got out of the markets. He was a much better player and coach.

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