Keith Arnold interview on

by Travis Normand

If you love college football and you are not listening to the podcast, you are missing out.

As readers of this blog know, I post random items and thoughts as I find them.  This means I post a lot of stuff that is anything but “timely.”  As it works out, I tend to find things later than most, which means I post about them later as well.  However, this isn’t always a bad thing.

For example, Ty and Dan (co-hosts of interviewed Keith Arnold of the blog “Inside the Irish” on January 4, 2013.  Had I listened to the interview that very same day, I may not have found it as interesting as I did.  Instead, I listened to the interview today (Jan. 14), a week after the national title game.

Listening to the podcast a week later, allowed me to reflect on the comments made during the show under a different light, as I already knew the outcome of the national title game.

Normally, listening to an interview after the game wouldn’t produce any earth-shattering results, but in this case, I think it allowed me to see the genius in some of the comments Keith Arnold made.  Having said that, I am sure someone will now listen to the interview and think “what are you talking about? Arnold didn’t say anything special.”  

We don’t have to agree, but I did like the interview.  I always enjoy hearing educated and intelligent members of the media, or fans, or bloggers, etc. speak about college football.  While nothing about Arnold’s interview is life changing, it was a great interview and it offered a great perspective on Notre Dame (despite their loss to Alabama).

In fact, this is exactly why I am a huge supporter of the  They have a lot of great guests on the show and they always seem to have fairly interesting discussions.  Of course, don’t let the term “interesting” fool you — this isn’t NPR or 60 Minutes.  However, just because the show is a lot of fun, doesn’t mean the interviews aren’t informative.

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