The One Point Safety strikes again

one-point safetyby Travis Normand

This post is a work in progress as I am away from my laptop and am having to work via the iPhone.

In what appeared to be another routine and normal extra point attempt, Oregon became one of the newest members of a very small and unique fraternity.

Oregon scored a one-point safety in last night’s Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 3, 2013) against Kansas State. If you missed it, the best you can hope for is to see a replay of the safety because these things don’t happen very often.

2 thoughts on “The One Point Safety strikes again

  1. I watched it happen. It caught the broadcasters by surprise, as they went to commercial break after the play, assuming it was simply a missed PAT. But, being a reader of TO-PS, I was aware of the rule, and was not surprised when the broadcast resumed with the official explaining the rule to befuddled coaching staffs, announcers, and audience alike. Proof positive that readers of TO-PS are more informed than the average college football sports fan!

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