Possible candidates for Texas Tech Football Coach

by Travis Normand

Tommy Tuberville is still the head coach at Texas Tech and might be for a long time.  On the other hand, there is plenty of speculation that Arkansas may have Tuberville at the top of their wish list and we know that the Hogs will be making a change at season’s end.  While there is no guarantee that Tuberville would take the Arkansas job if it was offered to him, he does appear to be an SEC guy — he was the head coach at Auburn for ten seasons (1999-2008) and was head coach at Ole Miss for four (1995-1998).

With Arkansas,Tennessee, Auburn, and even Kentucky all (possibly) looking for a new head coach, there is a good chance that Tuberville will not be in Lubbock much longer.

So, the real question I want to look at is who will replace Tuberville if he does happen to leave Lubbock in his rear-view mirror?

I can think of two guys that will be at the top of Tech’s wish list.

  1. Sonny Dykes (head coach at La. Tech) – He is the son of former Red Raider head coach Spike Dykes and will surely get a look if the Raiders are looking for a new man.
  2. Kliff Kingsbury (OC at Texas A&M) – Played QB for the Red Raiders from 1998-2002 and is currently one of the hottest offensive coordinators in the business.  I wouldn’t think Kingsbury would leave his current position for very many other job offers, however, things are a little different when its your own school.

I would imagine that Dykes would be the easier one of the two for Tech to lure away from their current position.  However, at this point, a change in Lubbock is not a guarantee.

4 thoughts on “Possible candidates for Texas Tech Football Coach

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want Kingsbury going anywhere!!

      However, I don’t think Kingsbury will leave A&M (yet) as he and Sumlin appear to be way to tight/close, he is getting paid extremely well by A&M, he is building something with Manziel at QB, and they are making national news in the SEC. At Texas Tech, he would be less competitive (at first), he would be stuck in the Big 12 (less exposure), and he wouldn’t be making nearly as much money.

      However, it is his alma mater . . . so you never know. I can only assume that Texas Tech will make a serious run at him if they decide to make a change at the coaching position (or if Tuberville decides to leave). I just hope A&M is ready to fight off all the “callers!”

      I always appreciate your comments. It lets me know that there is at least one person looking at my posts! haha

      • 1.”Sumlin appear to be way to tight/close”
        -he’s a grown man who probably wants to spread his wings.
        2.”he is getting paid extremely well by A&M”
        -he make 400k now at ATM, the head coach at Tech is getting 2 million per year
        3.”At Texas Tech, he would be less competitive (at first), he would be stuck in the Big 12 (less exposure)”
        -you just snubbed his alma mater. No one gets remembered for being a great assistant coach. The goal of a coaching career is to become a head coach somewhere. He should take that chance as soon as he gets it and while his stock is high. His stock can only go down from here.

        • Thanks for the read and for the comment.

          1) I am aware that he is a grown man and I have no doubt that he wants to “spread his wings.” However, my point is that he and Sumlin have a great thing going right now and I am at least hoping that he won’t want to break that up (yet). These two (whether they are at A&M, or elsewhere) will accomplish great things together….that surely counts for something. Plus, with the success of Manziel, I am sure Kingsbury will want to see him through until he leaves college.

          2) I am aware that he is not getting paid as much as a head coach. That is why I only said “he is getting paid extremely well” (for an OC). However, when you are making $400K you can be picky about the next job you take.

          3) I didn’t “snub” his alma mater. I said that if he went to Tech he would be less competitive (right now) than he is at A&M. I didn’t mean him personally, as I think he will have to Tech and spend a year or two recruiting players, etc. before he takes off and starts really dominating anyone. I did, however, snub the Big 12 (but that is not his school). I think a coach at Texas Tech is going to have a hard time getting great exposure, and he is probably getting more exposure at A&M as an OC than he would get at Tech (especially if things don’t work out at Tech).

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