Hosts at ESPNU are not familiar with Texas A&M’s yells

by Travis Normand

[CFB Daily Week 11 #AwesomeBoard Nominees]

The two hosts of this segment on ESPNU make a pretty big deal out of Texas A&M WR Ryan Swope saying that the Aggies just “beat the hell outta [Alabama].”  After hearing their comments I thought I would share my thoughts about what they said.

  1. A&M did beat the hell outta Alabama, so whats the problem?
  2. Beat the hell outta __[fill in name of opponent]__” — This is a standard yell that is used constantly by Aggies at games, midnight yell practice, etc.  No one, including Alabama, should think that they are getting singled out by the use of this phrase.  This next weekend you will surely hear the Aggies yelling “Beat the hell outta Sam Houston State!

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