Even the Wins for Maryland are Ugly

by Travis Normand

A few weeks ago I wrote that things were starting to get ugly at Maryland.  What ugliness was I referring too?  One, the new Terrapin football uniforms; and two, the fact that starting QB C.J. Brown would be missing the 2012 season due to injury.

However, what I didn’t know at the time was that Maryland would be turning out some ugly wins as well.

On Saturday, September 1, Maryland found a way to win their game against William & Mary by a final score of 7-6 and like I said, it wasn’t pretty.

It was the season opener for both teams and was a home game for Maryland.  William & Mary lead the game 6-0 until 9:52 left in the fourth quarter when Terrapin Justus Pickett scored a touchdown and Brad Craddock kicked the extra point making the score 7-6 in favor of Maryland.   

Don’t misunderstand me, as a win is a win and I am sure Maryland will gladly take this victory.  There are not many programs that would turn down a victory due to its ugliness, and apparently being ugly hasn’t bothered Maryland for a while now.

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