Texas Tech may cancel game against Texas State due to LHN

by Travis Normand

Texas State is scheduled to play a home game against Texas Tech during the 2012 season.  Being that Texas State is the home team, it is up to their conference (WAC) to “okay” the television affiliate that will air the game on TV.  The WAC doesn’t necessarily get to pick which station will air the game, but they are the ones who give the green-light to whatever station picks the game up. 

In other words, once an affiliate or TV station selects the game for broadcast, the WAC can either go with that station or opt for no television at all.  On the other hand, Texas Tech is simply along for the ride, as they are the visiting team. 

But not so fast my friend!

Apparently the Longhorn Network (LHN) has expressed interest in being the affiliate that may pick up the Texas State home game (against Texas Tech).  While Texas Tech has no control over whether or not the LHN will broadcast the game, they do have control over whether or not they will play in the game.  

In fact, Texas Tech has claimed that if the LHN does in fact decide to broadcast the game, the Red Raiders would rather drop the game and only play 11 total games in 2012. 

Last year, the LHN talked to Texas Tech about airing its game against the Longhorns, but Tech refused.  It seems that Texas Tech is the next school in line to have a problem with the LHN; lets just hope they stick to their guns.

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