Another opinion on the Freeh report corrections

by Travis Normand

I don’t like copy/pasting articles to my blog that I find elsewhere. However, every now and then I have to make an exception. This is one of those times.

I wanted to share someone elses opinion on the corrections that have been made to the Freeh report. I posted earlier my thoughts on the changes, but I also found the following article and wanted to share it as well.

Please note: The following is not my own as it was originally posted on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s website ( Please visit their website as they have much more coverage on the Penn State situation as well as much more! Link

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Corrections made to Freeh report (again)

by Travis Normand

The Freeh report, the weapon being wielded to destroy the legacy of Joe Paterno, is not without error.

[Click HERE to download a copy of the updated/corrected report]

Everyone from the NCAA to the general public has used the report as their factual basis in forming their personal judgments, yet the report is flawed.  But have no fear, the report has been updated to reflect the correct information!  Thank goodness the corrections were made before anyone rushed to judgment or did anything rash (like leveling unprecedented and unsupported NCAA penalties, or removing a statue).

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Questioning the NCAA’s decision making

by Travis Normand

After yesterday’s announcement by the NCAA that it was levying heavy penalties against Penn State University, I have been scratching my head trying to figure out how to respond. 

I still plan on coming up with my own personal response to this mess, but in the mean time, I am thrilled to see what some of the nation’s top college football writers have said.  While my own thoughts are not completely formulated yet, I know which way I am leaning, and it’s not in the same direction as the NCAA.

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ESPN to offer live coverage of Judge Louis Freeh’s Penn State report press conference


ESPN will present live coverage of Thursday’s press conference with Judge Louis Freeh as he discusses his report on ”the investigation into the facts and circumstances of the actions of (Penn State) surrounding the child abuse committed” by Jerry Sandusky.

Coverage from Philadelphia, where the news conference will take place, begins on the live, 9 a.m. ET SportsCenter, with reporter Jeremy Schaap on-site. (The Freeh Report is scheduled for release at 9 a.m. via

At 10 a.m., SportsCenter will offer live coverage of the Freeh press conference, which will also be shown on ESPNU and ESPN3. In addition, will have coverage regarding the report’s release.

Live coverage on ESPN will continue when Outside the Lines devotes its entire show to the topic at 3 p .m. followed by College Football Live at 3:30 p.m.