1987 SWC Champions (Ring)

by Travis Normand

Posted under Campusology tab.

2 thoughts on “1987 SWC Champions (Ring)

  1. I was at A&M when this happened! Did we get one from the Big 12? I know we were co-champs… at least once. Can’t remember. The next goal… SEC Champs!

    • Yes, A&M did receive a 1998 Big 12 Championship ring when they won the conference in 1998 (and that was not a Co-Championship, as we won it outright). I have a photo of it, but just haven’t posted it yet (actually, I have a lot of photos that I haven’t posted yet). Will try and do it soon.

      As for the “co-champs” you are referring too, you might be thinking of 2010, when A&M won the South Division (but shared it with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in a 3-way tie).

      Oh, and yes, a SEC Championship would be pretty darn amazing.

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