College Football Grand Slam (updated post 2021 season) – Alabama wins Number 5!

by Travis Normand
January 27, 2022

Alabama picked up its 5th Grand Slam during the 2021-2022 season with its win over Cincinnati in the Cotton Bowl. Oddly enough, Alabama picked up two grand slam wins within a calendar year (starting with the 1/1/2021 Rose Bowl and ending with the 12/31/2021 Cotton Bowl). Finally, while I don’t think it changes anything, it is worth noting that the 1/1/2021 Rose Bowl game was played in Arlington, Texas.


Gand SlamRose BowlCotton BowlOrange BowlSugar Bowl

Other teams picking up a victory that counts towards a Grand Slam (but not winning a Grand Slam itself) were Ohio State (Rose Bowl win over Utah). Ohio State has one Grand Slam already, but is now only an Orange Bowl victory away from winning their second.

In its victory over Michigan in the Orange Bowl, Georgia took another step closer to earning their 3rd Grand Slam. Georgia only needs a Rose Bowl and Cotton Bowl victory to complete Grand Slam number three. While Alabama has the most Grand Slams with five, Georgia and the University of Texas are tied for second place with two each.

Despite not winning the Sugar Bowl, Ole Miss still only needs a Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl victory in order to complete its 1st Grand Slam. Baylor now has two Sugar Bowl victories but still needs wins in all of the other three major bowls before they can claim their first Grand Slam.

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