Dana Bible is still coaching!?

by Travis Normand
Originally posted on December 28, 2012
Updated December 31, 2012 

Update:  [1] Since making this post, I was able to reach someone in the football department at NC State (via @PackFootball on Twitter.com).  They told me that Coach Bible is of no relation to Coach Dana X. Bible, but that he gets asked that question a lot.  [2] While watching the Music City Bowl I was reminded of a tiny connection that I have with Dana Bible.  Bible is coaching the bowl game from the booth and he is being assisted by wide receivers coach Troy Walters on the sideline.  Walters was part of Tom O’Brien’s staff at NC State and apparently will not be at NC State next season (neither will Bible).  I am mentioning this because I went to high school with Troy and we were in the same graduating class.  Small world. 

Okay, so “that” Dana Bible isn’t really still coaching but the other Dana Bible is.

A couple of years ago I was watching a college football game when I heard the TV announcer say something that really caught my attention.  The announcer was talking about Tom O’Brien’s coaching staff at Boston College when he mentioned that the offensive coordinator was Dana Bible.

I remember thinking that there was no way I had heard him correctly.  Dana Bible?

I pulled out my laptop and went straight to the football page of the Boston College athletics website.  I looked at the coaches’ biography pages and sure enough, the offensive coordinator was named Dana Bible.

Was this a coincidence?  A football coach with the name of Dana Bible; surely he is the grandson of Dana X. Bible?  I searched everywhere I could think of trying to find out if this coach at Boston College was related in any way to Dana X. Bible.  However, I couldn’t find anything that mentioned a relation between the two men.

For all I know they are related and I just haven’t found the missing link.  On the other hand, it could obviously be nothing more than a coincidence.  I would love to find out the answer, but am not sure I ever will (unless I happen to bump into him someday and can ask him a question).

After the 2006 season, Tom O’Brien left Boston College and took the head coaching job at North Carolina State University.  Dana Bible went with him and has been the offensive coordinator at NC State since arriving.

Toward the end of the 2012 season, NC State dismissed Tom O’Brien as head coach and Dana Bible has assumed the role of interim head coach for the Wolfpack’s bowl game against Vanderbilt.

So for all you fans of college football history:  Dana X. Bible’s last season as head football coach was 1946.  However, there will be another Dana Bible leading his team as head coach in this season’s Music City Bowl.

*Random note: Dana Bible and Tom O”Brien attended the same high school (St. Xavier) in Cincinnati Ohio.

Dana Bible:

Dana X. Bible:

7 thoughts on “Dana Bible is still coaching!?

  1. It’s so funny that I fond your mention of Dana and Dana X. Bible today. I was like “NO WAY!!!…. OVER 100 AND STILL COACHING?!!!”
    Just yesterday I was searching the net to see what I could find on my late step-dad, Bo Cohenour of UT Longhorns who played tackle @ for Dana X. Bible in 1941 and is on the Nov 17, 1941Life Magazine. I heard the last of the 14 on the coverpassed away recently.

    • Wow! Thanks for the note. Its good to know that I am not the only one that recognizes the name Dana Bible.

      That is really cool information about your step-father (Bo Cohenour). Emory Bellard played for Bible while at Texas as well (as well as a lot of other guys). Do you have a copy of that cover of Life Magazine? I would hope so.

      There are not a lot of guys left who can say they knew Dana X Bible. Anyway, interesting stuff…and I am very glad you shared it.

      Hope to see you around.


  2. Travis – I played QB for Dana Bible at Miami of Ohio, 1989. I started all 22 games when I was there (Dana was fired with Tim Rose was fired after the ’89 season) and I can honestly say Dana was one of my best coaches ever. My first best coach, Randy Walker. His first year as a head coach was at Miami of Ohio, 1990. I attended his funeral in June, 2006. Very sad.

    • Wow. Thanks so much for sending me this note. I really appreciate it. I have heard that Coach Bible was a great guy, but thanks for confirming that first hand. Also, I remember the day that I heard Randy Walker passed away….I must have sat and watched the news reports for several hours. It was very sad.

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