The Longhorn’s have a culture problem

ESPN LHN by Travis Normand

There are two great article about the current culture surrounding the University of Texas football program over at  I highly recommend checking them out.

Quote from the first article: [emphasis added]

What is clear to me is that Bryan Harsin was brought to Austin to install an offense. He realized quickly that what Texas really needed was to install a different culture. And that his offense could never be optimized without it. The best way to create a football culture is to be in charge of it. So he left for the first job where he could do just that.
Read the entire article HERE

[1] – Bryan Harsin & Arkansas State: Rising Through The Ranks Or Fleeing a Culture?, by Scipio Tex, December 12, 2012.

[2] – What Does “We Are The Joneses” Actually Mean?, by Scipio Tex, November 15, 2012.

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