Jimbo got ahead of himself as Florida State falls to Florida 37-26

by Travis Normand

Last week I responded to comments made by Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher (click HERE to see my post).

Instead of preparing for the rivalry game with the University of Florida, Jimbo spent his time complaining to the media about how the current method used to select the best teams in college football is flawed.

On November 24, 2012, FSU lost at home to the University of Florida, 37-26.

I wonder if Jimbo still thinks that Florida doesn’t belong in the top six?  I wonder if he still thinks FSU should be ranked number four?  I wonder if Jimbo now realizes that the selection method isn’t as broken as his line of logic and reasoning?  Maybe he realizes that he needs to worry about defeating the teams on his schedule before going-off about how broken the BCS is?

Who knows.

1 thought on “Jimbo got ahead of himself as Florida State falls to Florida 37-26

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