BCS Standings – Week 4 [Nov. 4, 2012]

by Travis Normand

Click HERE to see the BCS standings as of November 4, 2012. This is the fourth BCS ranking of the 2012 season.

A few of my observations from this week’s BCS standings:

  • Alabama is ranked number one overall in the BCS.  They are ranked number one in both human polls, and have moved to number one in the computer poll (from third) after their victory over LSU on November 3, 2012.

  • Kansas State remains ranked number two overall.  However, they are ranked number three in both human polls and their computer ranking has gone from tied for first (.9700) to third place (.9400) — behind Alabama and Notre Dame.
  • Oregon has moved from fourth place to third overall.  Oregon is ranked number two by both human polls.
  • Notre Dame slipped from third to fourth place.  Both human polls had Notre Dame at number four last week and again this week.  However, the computer polls had Notre Dame tied for first place last week (.9700), and at number two overall this week (.9600).
  • Georgia is ranked number five overall in the BCS and is the highest ranked one-loss team.  Georgia will play in the SEC Championship game, where a win would really affect the overall standings.
  • Nebraska is ranked 16 overall with a record of 7-2.  Nebraska lost to UCLA earlier this season (36-30).  The only other team ranked in the BCS that Nebraska has faced is Northwestern (ranked 24 overall), who they defeated by one point, 29-28.
  • UCLA is ranked 18 overall with a record of 7-2.  UCLA defeated Nebraska earlier this season (36-30).  UCLA has also faced Oregon State (currently 11 overall) — who they lost to 27-20.  If both teams were to win out, I would expect to see UCLA jump Nebraska at some point.
  • Texas A&M (7-2) defeated Mississippi State 38-13 this past weekend and moved up one space to number 15 overall.  Mississippi State dropped from 15 to 21.  Every 2-loss team that is ranked higher than Texas A&M won their game, or had a bye-week, this past weekend and yet their rankings remain unchanged (except LSU, who loss to Alabama and dropped from five to seven).
  • Texas Tech and USC are the only teams with more than 2-losses ranked in the BCS (both Tech and USC have three losses each).


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