BCS Standings – Week 3 [Oct. 28, 2012]

by Travis Normand

Click HERE to see the BCS standings as of October 28, 2012. This is the third BCS ranking of the 2012 season.

A few of my observations from this week’s BCS rankings:

  • Alabama is still ranked number one overall in the BCS despite coming in third place according to the computers.  Both human polls have Alabama at number one.

  • Kansas State moved from third place to second.  This is Kansas State’s highest BCS ranking ever.
  • Notre Dame moved from fifth place to third place, jumping Oregon who remains ranked fourth overall.  The computers have Notre Dame and Kansas State tied for first place, while the humans have Notre Dame in fourth and Kansas State in third.
  • Oregon remained at the number four spot overall but is second in both human polls.
  • There are five SEC teams in the top 10. This is the first time in the history of the BCS Standings that five teams from the same conference have been ranked in the top 10.
  • The other five top 10 teams are Notre Dame (Independent), Kansas State (Big 12), Oregon (Pac-12), Florida State (ACC), and Louisville (Big East).
  • Boise State is ranked number 19 and is the highest ranked Mountain West Conference team.
  • Nebraska is ranked number 20 and is the highest ranked Big 10 team.
  • La. Tech is ranked number 25 and is the highest ranked WAC team.  This is also La. Tech’s first-ever appearance in the BCS rankings.
  • Other than Boise State, Nebraska, and La. Tech, there are no other teams from those three respective conferences ranked in the BCS.
  • Notre Dame’s position at number three ties its highest-ever ranking (Notre Dame was number three in 2002).  The Fighting Irish have been in the top five for three consecutive weeks for the first time in the BCS era.


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