BCS Standings – Week 2 [Oct. 21, 2012]

by Travis Normand

Click HERE to see the BCS standings as of October 21, 2012.  This is the second BCS ranking of the 2012 season.

A few of my observations from this week’s BCS rankings:

  • Alabama remains in the number one spot overall, however, the Crimson Tide lost a first place vote in this weeks Harris poll (receiving 109 this week, while receiving 110 last week — total votes in Harris poll: 115).
  • Florida remains number two overall, and the Gators pick up a first place vote in the Harris poll (having receiving no first place votes last week).
  • Oregon drops from the number three spot in the BCS to number four, while Kansas State moves up from four to three.  At number three, Kansas State ties its highest-ever BCS ranking from 1998.
  • South Carolina drops from seventh place to thirteenth.
  • Texas A&M drops from eighteen to twenty.
  • Ohio makes its first ever appearance in the BCS ranked at number twenty four.
  • Michigan and Wisconsin also appear in the BCS for the first time this season (2012).


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