Stat Line of the Week

by Travis Normand

In Missouri’s loss to Vanderbilt on 6 October 2012, a rather interesting statistical occurrence reared its head.

Missouri’s receiver, Bud Sasser, had a yards-per-catch average of 101 despite catching the ball only once for 85 yards.

How is that even possible? I am glad you asked.

Sasser caught one pass during the fourth quarter and this one pass went 85 yards for a touchdown. If you check the box score from the game, you will see that Sasser is credited with one reception and one touchdown. You will also see that his one reception was also (by default) his longest reception of the game–85 yards.

So why do they have his total receiving yards, and thus his yards-per-catch average, at 101?

This is because Sasser also recovered his teammate Marcus Lucas’ fumbled reception. Upon recovering the fumbled reception, Sasser returned the ball 16 yards. This play is recorded as 16 yards for Sasser, but NO catch.

This is how we get to Sasser’s final/official stat line which reads:

RECEIVING No. Yards TD Longest
Sasser, Bud 1 101 1 85


3 thoughts on “Stat Line of the Week

  1. Familiar faces. : ) Err Gravatars, and names, I mean.

    Learning curve on this football thing is bending. : )
    One more yard measure feather in my hat.
    Eventually this may all add up to a three point safety comprehended…

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