Big 12 Referee Gives Longhorns Another Touchdown

by Travis Normand

It appears as if the Big 12 referees were once again determined to help the Longhorns win their football game as UT is spotted a second touchdown in as many weeks/games.

If you remember last week, I created a post titled “Big 12 Referee Gives Longhorns Winning Touchdown.”  Now, a week later, it appears as if lightning has struck twice!

The Longhorns (and refs) were not able to win their game against the West Virginia Mountaineers on 6 October 2012.  However, the refs held up their end of the bargain and spotted the Longhorns another touchdown despite neither the ball, nor the player, crossing the goal line.

[The “touchdown” occurs at the :25 second mark in the above video, and is followed by a slow-motion replay.  You can see that neither Jackson Jeffcoat, nor the football, cross the goal line.]

Texas fans will say that such an event is insignificant due to the fact that the Longhorns still lost the game.  However, I am not of the opinion that such activity is insignificant.  I am trying to remember the last time I saw two identical and egregious errors happen in consecutive weeks, in favor of the same team, and I am having a hard time thinking of any.

I would love to know if it was the same referee making the call.  If anyone knows, please post a comment about it below.

Here is another video of the same play, only this one is shot from the end zone   There are a couple things you should take note of:

  1. That the referee calling the recovery a touchdown is NOT one of the two sideline refs who are watching the goal line.  It is instead made by the referee standing in the end zone   This referee makes the call AFTER he sees Jackson Jeffcoat stand up in the end zone and present the football.  He waits to make the call due to the fact that his view of the play is obstructed by several players who are standing directly in front of him.  In other words, he couldn’t see what actually happened, and only made the ruling based on where Jeffcoat was standing long after the play was over.
  2. At the end of this video, you can hear one of the referees state that the call on the field was touchdown but that the play was under review.  Apparently the review came back negative and the touchdown call would stand.
  3. On ESPN’s College Football Final, which aired later that Saturday night (Sunday morning), Reece Davis stated that he thought the touchdown was called incorrectly and should not have been a touchdown.

– Texas vs. West Virginia – Box Score at

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