John L. Smith confuses Arkansas with Alabama

by  Travis Normand

The last thing I want to do is “pile on” to the criticism that has been hurled at Coach John L. Smith.  However, in terms of empathy, Coach Smith is notorious for not doing himself any favors.

If you are not familiar with the soap opera that is the Arkansas football program you will have to take it upon yourself to get caught up.  Why?  Because like any soap opera, the story has been going on for so long that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

At the very least, the Arkansas drama spans from the departure of Coach Huston Nutt, the hiring of Coach Bobby Petrino, the dismissal of Petrino, the hiring of Coach John L. Smith, to the ensuing melt-down of the 2012 season.  Of course anyone who is truly interested in the whole story will also have to go back and review the history of Coach Smith’s  notoriously famous faux pas.

Today, I am merely posting a video clip of Coach John L. Smith’s latest faux pas.  Last week, Coach Smith asked fans not to give up on the football program, because after all, the Razorbacks are “a State of Alabama program!”

[Click HERE for an extended version of the above video clip]

While this is nothing more than a simple mistake, it is a mistake that is surely fatal to the job of any and every football coach in the country.  This is even more so when you are an eccentric coach with a history of doing things that people view as embarrassing.

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