Hook and “Double” Lateral

by Travis Normand

Division III Buffalo State uses a hook-and-double-lateral to convert a 4th-and-19 on their final drive of the game in order to upset (No. 1 ranked) UW-Whitewater on 15 September 2012.  After converting the fourth down, Buffalo State continues their drive and caps it off with a 10-yard touchdown pass from Casey Kacz to Ryan Carney with only three seconds remaining.

UW-Whitewater has won the last three (Division III) national championships and, before 15 September 2012, was riding a current win streak of 46 games.


While a fourth national championship is still a possibility for Wisconsin-Whitewater, their win streak has finally come to an end.  Thanks to Buffalo State’s hook-and-double-lateral on 4th-and-19, Buffalo State was able to keep their final drive alive and score the winning touchdown only a few plays later.  The final score was 7-6.

[H/T: KegsNEggsBlog.com and CoachingSearch.com]

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