Arkansas’ Hog Lady is Back!

by Travis Normand

The obnoxious Arkansas Hog lady is back and has made another embarrassing video.

It is clear that this woman has no self-respect as she has now made at least two of these videos and posted them online.  Assuming she was mildly surprised at the amount of attention her first video received, she then decided it would be a good idea to try again.

I get it, you have found your “schtick.”  You post a video online making an ass out of yourself and everyone watches and laughs.  You get to sit back and watch as the number of views your video receives climbs higher and higher.  It must be like some sort of thrill to know that thousands of football fans are watching you and thinking “what an idiot!”  After all, I honestly can’t think of another reason why a rational person would continue with such self-deprecating behavior.

Oh a side note, I googled the term “self-deprecating” to see what would come up.  I half expected this woman’s video to come up, but it didn’t.  However, Wikipedia had a page dedicated to the term “self-deprecation” and it had this to say:

Self-deprecation is an important aspect to clowns.  Unlike other forms of comedy, an audience is typically supposed to laugh at the plight of the clown, not with it.

To view the wiki page click HERE!

Wow!  It is almost as if the Wikipedia page was written in order to describe this particular woman and her Arkansas videos.  Amazing!

6 thoughts on “Arkansas’ Hog Lady is Back!

  1. I love these older posts. I learn something about sports every time I visit. I don’t think I will ever understand how some people can go this far for the sake of their team or sport. It must be very sad to have nothing else in life that matters as much as this does to her.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I agree and disagree. Yes, it is always sad when someone acts like a complete fool (as this lady has done).

      On the other hand, I don’t mind someone making this (college football) an important aspect of their life. After all, as I have always said, this site is not about “sports”….it is about college football.

      Having said that, I do not personally feel the desire to act like a complete fool when something (bad) happens to the one thing I care most about (no matter what that one thing is).

      Further, as important as college football is to me, I also enjoy having a lot of perspective. I take college football very seriously, but I also have other interests in life as well.

      “It must be very sad to have nothing else in life that matters as much as this does to her.” — Maybe, but I really don’t think that is the problem. I think the problem is not with what she has chosen as the most important thing to her….but, I think it is how she has decided to react to it.

      Anyway, its all fascinating to sit back and watch. People do the funniest things.


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