Arkansas Upset by ULM (among other things…)

by Travis Normand

If you haven’t heard by now, Arkansas lost at home to UL Monroe last Saturday night.  I am not here to re-hash the loss, so if the upset by ULM is news to you, please read more about it here.

Today I am here for one simple reason–to ask a question. 

Considering that the win over Arkansas was ULM’s first victory over a ranked team since joining the FBS in 1994, I would imagine most Arkansas fans are suffering from some form of shock induced state of disbelief. 

After the game Arkansas Coach John L. Smith said that  “Any loss is devastating . . . but we still have the league in front of us and that’s a positive.”  I admire Coach Smith’s ability to find a positive among the shambles of a loss to ULM at home.  However, he is right, as the Hogs have not started conference play and could therefore still win the SEC crown.

While their chances of winning the SEC are still very much alive, one has to assume that any chance of winning the MNC is gone.  This brings me to the question I mentioned earlier; which isin trying to put the ULM loss behind them what else do the Hogs have to lose from this point forward besides a chance at the SEC title?

Not sure of the answer?  Well, if you guessed that the answer was “their dignity,” you would be wrong–as the woman in the following video threw it out the window of her car and drove over it repeatedly until it died. 

With no shot at winning the MNC and absolutely no dignity left, whatsoever, the Arkansas Razorbacks have essentially become a very dangerous football team.  Yes, they could still win the SEC, but after the damage this woman did I am not sure they can ever get their dignity back.

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